martes, 11 de septiembre de 2012


MMT (Modern Monetary Theory), by far the most promising theoretical grounds to rethink our understanding of our monetary system, its major flaws and how to reform it, is also a starting point for the reform of our entire economic system away from the neoclassical economics and neoliberal policies .. one of its main components is the 'JOB GUARANTEE'.

On September 6 2012,  MMT finally made it the European Commission via a presentation by one of its main proponent, the Australian economist Bill Mitchell, presenting on the JOB GUARANTEE at a major EC JOB Conference (See the video below, his contribution starts at around min. 4)

WHY IS THIS SO IMPORTANT: Once you get MMT, just how unnecessary the current economic tragedy actually is, becomes perfectly clear . and why this understanding is not widely promoted by those who currently benefit for the system also becomes clear (see this very short -1 min - video where the belgian Bernard Lietaer explains why so few people know about MMT)

From the video description on youtube: The presentation was given on September 6, 2012 at the Jobs for Europe conference in Brussels organised by the European Commission. Professor Bill Mitchell was an invited speaker. The Job Guarantee concept was one of the five main themes of the Conference, as Europe struggles to find a way out of the economic crisis.

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