lunes, 7 de marzo de 2016

PoC Community Currency Ethereum DAPP, now online

Community Currency monetary design
  1. Transactions: anybody with an ETH account may transfer currency to anybody with an ETH account. Commoners and invitees can trade in the free market with the currency.
  2. P2P credit: only Commoners can endorse P2P credit to other Commoners of the same Community. They put as guarantee a number of Units of Trust of their Reputation. New money is created for the credit. At the end of the credit money is retrieved from the borrower and destroyed. Successful credits reward the endorser Reputation with additional Units of Trust. Failed credits penalize the endorser Reputation.
  3. Commoners:  Commoners can provide public services for the Community, and be paid for it by the Commune. Commoners can crowd-fund the expenses of the Commune.
  4. Community: there is a rolling budget for the Commons activities. The budget and the associated administrative tasks for the Commons is managed by the Commune. The currency parameters are managed by the Treasury.
  5. More information at the wiki
How to run the PoC Community Currency
  1. Download the following release of the MIST Ethereum browser corresponding to your OS at
  2. Run Mist Browser
  3. Within Mist, browse to the DAPP at
  4. Be aware, its an experimental Mist browser, so that the HTML design of the DAPP has been limited to the minimum usage of css and js.
How to play with the PoC Community Currency
  1. Ask the Commune ( to be accepted as member. Provide your ETH account.
  2. Go to the commonersList.html page where you have a list of other peer commoners ETH accounts.
  3. Send them transactions.
  4. Endorse some credits to peers.
  5. Claim public service hours.
  6. Contribute to the Commons with some crowd-funding.
  7. Ask for a credit to a peer you know the email (in the future, through whysper).
How to create a Community Currency for your own community
  1. Download the source files from
  2. Edit contract.sol and adapt it to your needs, change community name, currency name and symbol, currency parameters, etc.
  3. Edit the HTML pages and adapt them to the new functions and your own corporate image.
  4. Submit the new contract with the Ethereum-Wallet or with Mix.
  5. Upload your DAPP to a public webspace.
Follow the blockchain and view the contract and the JSON ABI
  1. Blockchain transactions at
  2. JSON at
  3. Send your comments to

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