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The U.S. War for Drugs of Terror in Colombia .. Killed more than 200 000 already says O. Villar

Here is an excellent interview by K. Barrett of the author or a rare book on the topic:
Oliver Villar, author (with Drew Cottle), Cocaine, Death Squads and the War on Terror: US Imperialism and Class Struggle in Columbia.

Review from  Counterpunch
The U.S. War for Drugs of Terror in Colombia » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names

This thesis is well expressed in the Forward by Peter Dale Scott:

The CIA can (and does) point to its role in the arrest or elimination of a number of major Colombian traffickers.   These arrests have not diminished the actual flow of cocaine into the United States, which on the contrary reached a new high in 2000.  But they have institutionalized the relationship of law enforcement to rival cartels and visibly contributed to the increase of urban cartel violence.   The true purpose of most of these campaigns, like the current Plan Colombia, has not been the hopeless ideal of eradication.   It has been to alter market share:  to target specific enemies and thus ensure that the drug traffic remains under the control of those traffickers who are allies of the Colombian state security apparatus and/or the CIA.  This confirms the judgment of Senate investigator Jack Blum a decade ago, that America, instead of battling a narcotics conspiracy, has in a subtle way . . . become part of the conspiracy.

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